UK Distribution

As well as having our own product range, DRS acts as a UK distribution agent for the following manufacturers: 


Verano produce bespoke trench heating in a variety of sizes. Custom fabrication for angled or curved trench heaters. In both natural convection and fan assisted versions.

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CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators were first sold in Europe in 1906 and have since developed a reputation manufacturing nothing but the highest quality products. CRANE® never compromise quality by moving manufacturing processes to the Far East. The rigorous testing and market leading guarantee ensure CRANE® Cast Iron Radiators are the best choice where only the highest quality will do.

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To date, Brandoni has over 75 active lines of radiators, and over 30,000 combination of models, colors and sizes.Brandoni offers customers a choice of 48 RAL colours, 6 metallic colours and chrome trim. And every combination is available in hot water, electric and dual fuel. Brandoni is also available to create true works of art, crafted for specific needs. These products are handmade by professional welders, experienced hands that give uniqueness to the radiators.


Carisa is a brand that unites innovation and design and has been used internationally with a broad range of Architects/Designers.

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Heatpol are one of the largest manufacturers of heating elements for industry.For ten years they have specialised in manufacturing thermostatically controlled heating elements for towel rails and designer radiators. Last year we broadened their portfolio with horizontal thermostatic heaters for column radiators and aluminium radiators.

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Caleido Fires

Caleido is the italian atelier of the design bio-fireplaces and radiators, an entrepreneurial company of excellence and one of the world’s leading made-in-italy ambassadors. 

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Modular Columns

At DRS we can source a wide variety of Steel Column radiators from many manufacturers.


Our “Spec buster” Service can save you time and money by sourcing the correct product directly from point of manufacture. – Just send your specification and we will advise on the correct alternatives to help you save money !




Radiator Valves

Our range of traditional and modern radiator valves compliment radiators perfectly.

We stock a wide range of  radiator valves in thermostatic and manual designs in a variety of finishes.